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Travel and Hotel Guide to Pelion Greece

For a unique holiday experience in Greece, more and more travellers try new destinations, away from the crowds, noise and spoilt regions and head somewhere new, untouched and naturally stunning. This, to put it simply, is the Pelion peninsula.

Situated on the east side of Central Greece, and approximately half way between Athens and Thessaloniki, Mount Pelion, and the city of Volos, is a holiday destination that is ideal anytime of the year.

Many of the popular holiday destinations in Greece emphasise on the sun, sea and entertainment. Pelion has all of these, but it's true charm and magic lies in it's naturally beautiful and inspirational setting.

In Pelion, the dominating mountain combines in perfect harmony with the blue-green waters of the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. It is here that you will find some of the most beautiful beaches and cleanest waters in all of Greece.

Pelion has always been a popular holiday destination with the Greeks. In fact, it was one of their closest kept secrets. Even the Gods chose Pelion as their "playground" and "holiday retreat". However, the secret has been let out, and travellers from all over the world now choose Pelion as their ideal Greek holiday destination.

During the summer months, the coastal resorts of Pelion, such as Kala Nera, and full of visitors who have come to spend their summer enjoying the beautiful beaches and seas, the unique landscapes, and the charm and natural beauty of the region.

Winter time is also very popular with travellers and visitors, who come to Pelion to enjoy winter sports and ski at the wonderful facilities of the Pelion ski centre at Agriolefkes.

Historically, Pelion is a very important region of Greece, and was where the revolution against the Turks started. All across the peninsula you will find charming churches and monasteries. These are definately worth visiting to experience the stunning decorations and works of art that are homed here.

There are many other interesting places and sites to visit in Pelion, and also in the city of Volos, which is located at the foot of Mount Pelion. The natural beauty and imagery of Pelion will charm all those who visit here. From the mountainous slopes overlooking the Pagasitic Gulf and Aegean Sea, to the cobble stone paths and natural water springs, Pelion is a place of immense beauty.

Pelion is the ideal destination for your holidays in Greece, no matter what time of the year you plan to visit. Pelion is an array of colours and aromas that change with each season. Many people who have been here before often feel as though it is their first time. Pelion is everything you expect it to be, and so much more. It is a region of Greece where dreams are made and memories that last for a lifetime.

Pelion Ski CentreThe Pelion Ski Centre
One of the first ski centers to operate in Greece was the center of Agriolefkes on Mount Pelion. Located only 2km from the mountainous village of Hania, 12km from the beautiful village of Portaria, and 27km from the city of Volos at the foot of Mount Pelion, Agriolefkes is a wonderful place.

The four slopes of "Thetis", "Falconera", "Panorama" and the "Amateurs" slope all combine to make a total length of 5000m. With ski lifts in constant operation, the center is very popular and busy during the winter months.

As well as skiing, other winter activities can take place here including snowboarding and moutain artillery ski. Agriolefkes is fortunate enough to be set in a wonderful picturesque region of Greece, where the mountain and sea live close together in seemingless perfect harmony.

The center also provides shelter and has approximately 80 beds available, as well as a selection of facilities such as parking and a cafe. However for accommodation there are the nearby villages of Hania, Portaria and Makrinitsa which are able to offer a selection of quality accommodation close to the center.

The Pelion Steam Train
The steam train of Pelion, "Moutzouris-Smudgy" was of huge importance to the development and history of Pelion as well as Magnesia itself. The steam train was the project of Evaristo de Kirico, an Italian engineer, whose father was the famous artist Giorgio de Kirico.

Pelion Steam TrainEvaristo was the mastermind behind the train's development, and it was his combination of knowledge and imagination, which brought this project to life. Work of the railway began late in 1894, and it was in 1895 that the first section of the railway was completed. This first section joined the city of Volos to the village of Lehonia.

By 1903, the railway line had been extended to the village of Milies, covering a total of 29km. Also completed during this time were the bridges over which the train would cross. In total, 6 bridges were constructed, 5 of them being stone bridges with arches, and the 6th bridge being made of iron.

The final outcome of this project was literally a masterpiece. The bridges, the rail track and the train itself were all inspired works, and blended in perfectly with the surrounding environment. The train of Pelion was in operation up until 1971, and was used to transport goods around the region, as well as people who used it for travelling and short day trips. However, with the increase in use of the motorcar, the train became too expensive to continue operating, and was sadly abandoned.

Today however, the train of Pelion is back in operation, and continues to provide passengers with a journey that they will always remember. Passing through numerable scenes of natural beauty and over the impressive bridges, taking a ride on the train is an unforgettable experience. The train currently departs from Ano Lehonia, which is one of the villages that neighbours with Kala Nera, and arrives at Milies after passing through other villages such as Pinakates, Ano Gatzea and others.

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